Regional level
A watersports area comprises a system of waterways and sailing opportunities, combined with destinations that are worth visiting, places boats can leave from and a touristic hinterland. The quality of the water sports area is formed by the variety that the relevant types of marinas also provide. It's this "menu" that has to be complete. On a larger regional scale an investigation could look into the types of marinas necessary to achieve the objectives. That is a job for further interpretation at basin level or sailing route level. It is not meaningful to think of restraints at this regional level, because restrictions in capacity, possible pressure on nature reserves and the relationship with the commercial shipping sector will have been indicated already at basin level or sailing route level.

Basin or sailing route
A basin or sailing route is sometimes a sailing destination in itself for short trips or a short stay and sometimes a part of a larger whole. It is essential to decide on the (desired) use of a specific basin or route to decide which types of marinas are possible or necessary. Using the marina types tool helps you determine in more detail which sorts of development are appropriate in the area, the objectives and the restrictions of an area. You can specify which types do have a chance in an area, instead of restricting all the types of marinas in their development.

Town level Innumerable Dutch towns have been established at the water's edge and boast one or more harbours. Now that commercial shipping is leaving the old inner town harbours, towns are looking for new ways to fill the gap created, sometimes in combination with town development in the direct vicinity. Towns with a lot of water are also wondering how they could put the water they have to (even) better advantage. Marina types can be helpful in this too. By bringing together existing users and already existing and new objectives the appropriate types can be defined. Often this will be the basis for relocations, so that visually attractive and touristic functions will use the primary town marinas and space will be sought elsewhere for types with a more internal focus.

Businesses Marina types are intended especially as inspiration for businesses. They can help with deciding the appeal of existing activities and the problems this may throw up. The marina types can also give insight into the nature of the functions that are better matched to the existing business surroundings.

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