The added value of Marina Menu
The development of water recreation is on the agenda of many policy-making meetings, because it is a sector with growth potential. And yet the discussion stalls if the development of a new marina is raised, partly because everyone talks from their own frame of reference, experience, supporters and interests. The objective of Marina Menu is to realise an unambiguous idiom, making it possible to have a discussion that focuses on the future.

It is a tool that can be used to better balance the sorts of marina development against the sorts of environments in future organizational problems.

Working out various types of marinas in all their varieties and working out spatial conditions makes it possible to look for those types of marina that have a chance of developing. The complete manual (available in Dutch) and the corresponding database illustrate a wealth of potential directions for development. Various directions for solutions on a menu, as it were. The tool can serve as inspiration for policymakers, developers, town planners and marina operators.

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